Here’s What Max Your Sales Is All About

“Mike is a rare talent you don’t often come across in the realm of digital marketing. A persuasive sales copywriter at the core with a feverish passion for conversion rate optimization”

Jason Tremblay


Mike is one of those rare IM professionals who “gets it” ..! He is up to speed with the latest tactics, techniques and strategies that are working right now, across many market sectors.

Emile Fonderson

I used to stare at blank pages trying to think of write in my emails. Mike taught me how to quickly write messages that catch the reader’s attention and get them to take action. I can honestly say I have made money with what he taught me about email marketing.

Munindra Kumar

There’s a revolution going on…

The old school ways of growing your business are dying like dinosaurs and VHS tapes.

Smart entrepreneurs like you recognize the massive opportunity that exists online right now.  You understand that by harnessing the power of the web, you too can make life-changing money, live your way and escape the 9 to 5 prison cell forever.

Unfortunately, the web is drowning in outdated, confusing or just plain wrong information that could cripple you from day one…

Good news.

Max Your Sales has your back.

Sell More, Live Better

About Max Your Sales

Max Your Sales is a resource designed specifically for modern entrepreneurs that want to work smarter not harder. I’m here to help you grow your business online.

On this website you will find the latest strategies and tactics to help you:

  • Start Your 1st Email Marketing List
  • Increase Your Online Sales and Conversions
  • Get More Leads and Grow Your Email List

…Plus entrepreneurial thoughts, insights and motivation (so you can sell more AND live better).

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About Mike Eyo

I’m not an Online Marketing Guru.

What I am, is a family man with an entrepreneurial passion… and a stacked digital marketing resume.

I launched this site because after spending the last 7 years marketing for both small and enterprise level businesses, I’ve learned what works…and what doesn’t.

In my 1st digital marketing specialist gig (after a few early bumps and bruises) I launched a sales funnel that generated over $200,000 in less than 6 months. That’s when things got interesting…

…Later, I transitioned into a digital marketing agency where I created paid ads, landing pages, lead nurture emails, promotional emails, sales videos and even print advertising that converted. I was eventually promoted to Director of Online Conversions.

I promise I’m not sharing my background to brag…

I’m sharing it so you understand that creating online marketing campaigns was my 9 to 5.

On one fateful day I realized I was sick of grinding for somebody else’s dream. Why was I stuck in a box when I could make money my way?

Why settle for slavery when I could be FREE?

I stepped out on faith and haven’t looked back.

So no, I’m not an online marketing guru, I’m a hungry entrepreneur just like you. Digital marketing is one of the few things in my life I’ve been really good at. 

If you’re serious about using the web to build the business and lifestyle you deserve, then you’re in the right place

Being an Entrepreneur is sink or swim baby.

I’m going to use what I know about online marketing to help you dominate like Michael Phelps.