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Email Analytics: The Must-Know List

When many entrepreneurs begin sending emails for their business, it's often their first time ever looking at analytics, let alone email analytics. Unless you're an email marketer, many times, email analytics and all of the data points that can be gleaned from an email...
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“Love At 1st Sight”- Double Your Open Rates With This Irresistible Welcome Email

Think of it like dating... You only get one chance to make a good first impression. If you turn somebody off, then your second date chances nosedive. Most entrepreneurs don’t understand the power of a good Welcome Email. This means hey don’t spend time putting...
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Warning! Commit These 7 Deadly Email Marketing Sins At Your Own Risk

I’ve had it… It’s no secret that email marketing is the most powerful form of modern marketing and can do more for any business than any other online strategy (sorry social media enthusiasts). It’s been the driving force behind virtually every successful marketing...
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The Truth About Email Subject Lines

One thing in email marketing is 100% certain… More than 82% of email senders use subject lines all wrong (yes, that’s my very scientific, very specific opinion). Your subject line is your first impression… … And, if you get it wrong, you’re at risk for being...
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